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Online gambling in the USA: Which States are allowed?

Due to the Federal Wire Act, states were prohibited from legalizing and regulating online gambling and online casino real money gaming up until 2011 in the USA. Several states changed the law after lottery officials asked the Department of Justice for guidance on how to sell tickets for the Lottery. As a result, the Justice Department's interpretation of the request opened the door to many forms of online gambling, not just Lotteries.
Since then, several states have legalized, regulated, and taxed online casinos and Poker.

States that allow online gambling

The following states have legalized online gambling:
·         Delaware
·         New Jersey
·         Nevada
·         West Virginia
·         Pennsylvania

Legalizing online gambling has been a long and tedious process, as opposed to sports betting. Nevada launched online Poker in 2013, which led to the legalization of online casinos and online Poker. Immediately following this, Delaware and New Jersey legalized online Poker in addition to online casinos. In summary, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania allow online gambling.

If players wish to play Online Poker, they must travel to New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Although it is not legally available in every state, sports betting is being offered at some of the best USA online casinos in more and more states daily.
Despite these small victories for US players, there is still hope that a few other states will pass legislation authorizing online gambling.

These States are:
·         California
·         New York
·         Connecticut
·         Indiana
·         Massachusetts

Gambling in the USA

Online gambling is a common question in the US, and it's a straightforward question with a complicated answer. The simple answer is No, because there is no federal law banning it in the USA. In 2006, however, the US passed a law called the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006). This act made it illegal to place a gambling bet over the Internet.  This forced online casinos to close their doors since it was pointless if players couldn't transfer funds.
In short, gambling in the USA has a long and complicated history. Specific forms of gambling have been prohibited at certain times, while they have been permitted at other times.

These days, individual states have a say in whether it is legal, which has left many online players confused about its legality. US law prohibits gambling across state lines, such as the Federal Wire Act of 1961 (and the UIGEA Act of 2006), so placing a single bet may be legal, but placing a bet with a bookie across state lines is illegal.

The problem is that outside of the states that permit it, conducting an online business is illegal in the United States. The act of placing a bet on an online gaming website isn't illegal, as several overseas operators accept players from the United States.


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