Two Additional Stops for the World Poker Tour

In July 1999, a television company called Presentables decided that it wanted to bring poker to the world, through the vehicle of television. 

Their top boffins got their heads together and decided that in order for poker to make a great-televised product, the viewer needed to see the hole cards. This is when Late Night Poker was born, alongside the genesis of the hole-card camera.

In May 2002, Steven Lipscomb used this idea to create the World Poker Tour (WPT) in the United States.

Poker was starting to get big but, just as Major League Baseball confuses the world by declaring that it hosts the World Series (despite the world not being invited), the WPT was often criticised for doing exactly the same. 

Lipscomb’s product was great, but as it was not being held around the world, the moniker of the World Poker Tour just did not seem appropriate.

These days the WPT is a very different beast. In Season X it held twenty-three events spanning America, Europe, and Africa, with stops in Barcelona, Slovenia, Paris, Malta, Marrakech, Amneville, Prague, Venice, Dublin, Vienna, and all over the United States.

Season XI looks to improve upon its global dominance, with the recent announcement of two more stops. The WPT Emperors Palace Poker Classic will take place during Oct 22-26 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and then, during Nov 23-26, the juggernaut moves into Canada for WPT Montreal.

Now that is what you call a World Poker Tour.

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