Why do you Play Poker?

Although the answer to the question, "why do you play poker?" may seem obvious it really isn't.

Not only is it not an obvious question to ask, it is a vitally important one. The importance lies in the way that you approach the game, because you will approach it differently dependant on why you choose to play in the first place.

Not only should you ask yourself why you are playing the game, but it also helps to identify the underlying motives why other people play the game? Understanding why other people play the game allows you to choose the correct strategy to deploy against them. These are all things to think about when you play online poker.

Imagine that you are playing in a game against somebody who has very little experience and is only in the game because his friends are playing. You flop top pair on a Q56 board and you are holding QJ. Against the inexperienced player you could probably go with your hand using the assumption that the learner will stack off with any top pair hand or even middle pair hand. If you have a Free Online Poker Bonus you might want to take a risk.

There are plenty of different motives for playing poker. You might be a gambler by nature and see poker as just another way of blowing money. Or you may be socialising with friends who have decided to have a game of poker. Perhaps you're a wealthy businessman who just plays for fun. You could be a professional player or a recreational player with aspirations to become professional.

Which categories are relevant to you and show up in your game?

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