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The world of online betting has changed. Where once the only real action available was online poker, ( poker en linge as the French would say), now there's online sports books, online casinos, online backgammon, online bingo, there's even online virtual horse racing (as differentiated from the betting on actual horses via the internet).
 With so many options for your gambling dollar, it can be hard to decide where to make your millions. For the gambler who likes to spread his roll across a variety of casino games, a strong internet poker room that offers other table games and betting options is the superior choice.
 There are several advantages to picking a big room with a diversity of games:
 1 Big rooms are more secure. A fly by night operation may be able to offer you a big initial bonus, but generally the terms are restrictive, and if the room folds, you've put yourself at risk.
 2 A Big room will generally have synergy between it's gaming options, outside of poker. Sure, it's fun to start with pocket rockets and flop a set of the big boys, but doubling down eleven after eleven ain't half bad either. Variety is the spice of life.
 3 Big rooms generally can afford to offer the best bonuses and promotions anyway, especially poker bonuses and blackjack bonuses.
 4 Sure, everyone's trying to hit the big score, whether you're playing 500 man freerolls, or betting mountain's of black chips in Bobby's room at the Bellagio. But given that it's more likely you're doing the former rather than the later, it's also about fun. Would you rather play poker over the internet with a bunch of blokes from your hometown, or hit up a truly international poker room and casino? Whether It's casino en linge to the French, online poker to the Germans, (I know, pretty boring right), or however the heck you spell Chinese poker (not to be confused with the actual game, which is a blast), meeting more people from more places equals more fun.
 5 A room with both an active poker player's club, and casino player's club is going to reward it's most loyal customer's with vip service, and a whole host of frequent player rewards. Choose a room that let's you build up a lot of player points quickly, and let's you trade those points in for cool swag. Would you rather win a video ipod or a bunch of t-shirts? That's what I thought.
 Party poker hits all the bullet points. It's the biggest room around, it's got great customer service, and pretty sweet sign-up bonuses. The poker and online casino software isn't half-bad either. Party has a very secure random number generator, and is certified by Kahnawake gaming commission. If you're ready to hit the casino floor and mix it up with the high rollers (virtually of course), check out the rules for Texas Hold'em below:

Learn How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker | On Screen Poker Movies | Two Additional Stops for the World Poker Tour






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