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Sports Betting for Beginners

Online entertainment has become a favourite pastime, including Sports Betting, which emerged from the shadows into the mainstream. It has opened the door to massive multi-billion legal sports betting markets, and with it now being legal in many states, millions of sports fans have entered this market, but how much do people know or understand in terms of the Sports Betting. Let’s get started.

Avoid Fake and Unlicensed Sportsbooks

The online world is rife with duplicitous characters, and online gamblers must know what to avoid or pay special attention to when signing up at a new sports betting site. Reviews on the sites will give you a tremendous amount of information, particularly the feedback from their customers, and if the following trends get noticed, stay away:

  • Delayed payouts, 30 days and longer
  • Lack of response to customer complaints
  • Not crediting winning wagers (partially or entirely)
  • Making off with deposits in totality
  • Don’t have a reputable gambling license
  • Book to Book transfers suddenly get shut off
  • Avoid Bonuses that seem almost too good to be true, like a 500% Bonus with no wagering requirements. It is too good to be true, so don’t pounce on the offer.
  • A website that looks unprofessional and haphazard

Common Betting Errors

In any form of online betting at an Australia online casino or sportsbook, mistakes cost money, and a 100% success is unlikely because, after all, sports betting is a gamble. There are, however certain precautions players can take to ensure a better betting experience.

  • Avoid Emotional Betting. Don’t bet on your favourite team without knowing the odds or looking at match statistics. It will eventually lead to heartache.
  • No Bankroll Management. Always bet responsibly by actively managing your bankroll and staying within a set budget, and never go all in its dangerous. In fact, never bet more than 5% of your total bankroll. It minimizes losses and gives you the spare cash to bet again.
  • Chasing losses - It’s taboo in sports betting; losses are part of the parcel, and the sooner you accept it, the better it’s part of gambling.
  • Betting for Fun – Have a reason to bet, not just a whim, as it could end up costing you money and losing is no fun.
  • Betting Drunk- Yes, it may seem obvious to many, but many bettor’s place bets when intoxicated. It’s a recipe for disaster as drunk decisions are seldom the right ones, so don’t log in to your sportsbook account when drunk, as it could cost you your entire bankroll.
  • Avoid Betting on Sports you don’t know- It happens regularly, particularly on high profile tournaments or matches where the media get the public excited, and newbie and casual bettors get caught up in the hype it costs them money.
  • Not shopping around for the Best Odds- All online sportsbooks want to make money. It’s a business, after all. A quick internet search from your couch or from any location on any of your mobile devices will tell you which bookmakers are offering the best odds for your chosen tournament or match. Remember, loyalty doesn’t pay, especially when you are the bettor.

Practice on Free Betting Sites

Practising for free at sites like fr.crazyvegas.com before placing real money bets is an excellent way to test your sports knowledge and the various formats. The online free sportsbook sites that use actual odds and mimic pay to play sportsbooks are a terrific place to practice your skill and strategies at your own pace.

Free Play vs Daily Fantasy Sports         

Free Play and Daily Fantasy Sport are two different entities. Daily Fantasy Sports rewards participants who can effectively handicap the abilities of individual players, whereas Free Play and pick’em sites generally focus on results of entire teams and outsiders.

Daily Fantasy Sport is where participants select players to construct a team of their own and, as such, will not be a helpful training tool for aspiring sports bettors because sportsbook betting rests on factors like weather, travel schedules and team advantage.

When it comes to sports and betting on various sporting events, there is always more to learn, but these are some of the basic rules to get you started and remember, practice makes perfect and understanding the different bets is another advantage. Gamble responsibly so you can get the most out of your bankroll.



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